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Ven. Jianzong

  • Second Abbot and President of Ching Kwok Temple of Toronto, Mui Kwok Temple of Edmonton, Yuen Kwok Temple of Montreal 

  • Advisor of the Buddhist Advisory Committee for Buddhist Studies at Emmanuel College at the University of Toronto 

  • Honorary Advisor of Buddhist Education Foundation of Canada 

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Ven. Jianzong entered his monastic life in 2004.  Thereafter, he went to Taiwan and spent the following ten years there, receiving his Buddhist education and monastic training at Yuan Kuang Buddhist College and Huafan University.  Ven. Jianzong received his university degree in Buddhist Studies with concentration in Tiantai Studies of Mahayana Buddhism and in the skills in chanting and in giving Dharma talks.  A scholarship recipient during his years of studies at the university, Ven. Jianzong graduated with first-class Honours and stood first in his graduating class.  After his graduation, Ven. Jianzong returned to Toronto to continue his Dharma practice at home base.  With his Master’s passing in late 2014, Ven. Jianzong has taken up the responsibility and duty of managing the three temples. And of continuing his late Master’s legacy in promoting Buddhist Studies at the University of Toronto.  On November 2015, Ven. Jianzong officially became the Second Abbot of Ching Kwok Temple of Toronto, Mui Kwok Temple of Edmonton, and Yuen Kwok Temple of Montreal. 



- Ven. Jianzong in Taiwan receiving his Buddhist education during the early days of his monastic ordination. 


- Ven.  Jianzong in a Dharma service as a service rector, a chanting leader to start the ceremony at Yuan Kuang Buddhist College in Taiwan.


-Graduation at Huafang University in 2014. 


- During the funeral ceremony of Ven. Jianzong’s Master at CK Temple.


-Endowment for the Shi Wu De Professorship in Chinese Buddhist Studies at Emmanuel College in the  University of Toronto. 


- Succeeded as the Second Abbot of CK Temple of Toronto, MK Temple of Edmonton, and YK Temple of Montreal.

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